David Oberle
Real Estate Agent


Local Realty Agency

David was born in Dallas and raised in Forney, TX. He ran Cross Country in Highschool, was an active participant in Combat Sports, like JiuJistu and Tae-Kwon-Do, and enjoyed Sport Shooting and Hunting. After high school he immediately joined the Marine Corps as a Welder and got married to Brianna Oberle. David spent three years of his enlistment in Okinawa, Japan and rose to the rank of Corporal before the end of his enlistment and was awarded Sergeant after enlistment. 
          After the Marines, David began working as a CNC Plasma Operator at a Caldwell, TX based fabrication facility named Bednar Welding and Machining. He worked there for a year and half until the birth of his son and his Wife's Grandmother's sudden decline in health. David and his Wife quit their jobs, moved to Forney, TX, moved in with David's Mother-in-Law to help take care of Grandma who had Dementia. David started attending Trinity Valley Community College and attained an Associate's in Architectural Design and membership into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.
          After TVCC David worked at Olive Garden for a few months and grew disheartened at the lack of Drive and Motivation of his fellow employees. His Wife encouraged him to get into Real Estate with her because she saw the success, passion, and care that he took with his customers and saw the applicability of his personality in the Real Estate Market. David studied for the Real Estate Exams while working, shadowed his Wife during her trials in the Real Estate Market, passed the Exams, then applied and was accepted by Local Realty Agency at the end of August 2023. He is now enrolled full-time at Texas A&M Commerce in pursuit of his Bachelors in Technology Management while also increasing his knowledge on the Real Estate process.
          A little about me personally, I love all things firearm related, so don't be shy and bring it up if you see me, I love to work out and build myself, Physically and Mentally, I find myself to be extremely Blessed to have made the mistakes I've made and be where I am today and I attribute my successes in Life to God and to my Wife and children. I look forward to working with you all in Real Estate and being the embodiment of Motivation, Intensity, and Success.