Atria Mason


Local Realty Agency

6860 North Dallas Parkway, # 200 Plano, TX. 75024

I am enthusiastic and also very passionate about helping my clients find their dream home or business. With my career being involved in law, I am here to protect families and their assets. Also I am expertise with writing reports that will go hand in hand with writing up contracts. I am licensed life insurance producer in the state of Texas and Tennessee.  I provide exceptional good customer service skills that'll be tailored to your wants and needs within your big purchase! You can entrust me with having your best interest at heart. I take pride in everything I do. My integrity is what makes me who I am, in which I am a woman of my word. I provide assertiveness, efficiency and consistency along with great results and positive feedback. I am brilliant when it comes to making deals; negotiating, bargaining or up-selling depending on if you are buying and/or selling. My goal is to make this process as smooth sailing for you and for it to be one of the best memorable experiences you ever had in your life.