Stephanie Le

Stephanie Le


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6860 North Dallas Parkway, #200 Plano TX 75024

Stephanie Le


Stephanie Le, originally a New Orleanian, fell in love with beautiful Dallas, Texas. It is her passion to share this historic city with others, smoothing the way for them to plant their own roots here and start their best life in a forever home.  With ten years of experience as a professional nail technician, she honed empathy skills and an ability to really see what people need while communicating clearly and effectively.

Stephanie acts as a liaison between buyers and sellers while securing the perfect home for her clients.  With eight years of managerial experience, and a proficiency in two languages, Stephanie is uniquely qualified to help every family find what meaningfully speaks to them. 

With a growth mindset and a can-do attitude Stephanie Le will work as hard for you as she has for herself; overcoming medical limitations that kept her out of the Navy, forging ahead into growing her own business and eagerly pursuing her self-bettering hobbies of reading, hiking and cooking.  Stephanie is looking forward to helping you and your family start their new life here in bustling Dallas Texas today! 

Experienced Agent, Local Expert